Reality Check

This week (from Sunday to Tuesday) I have witnessed several people who need a reality check. Not your typical reality check. The reality check that "you're not the only person in the world, whose opinions matter or who has the last say in what goes on."
The reality is that they are surrounded by people who have the same ability to do exactly what they do and perhaps at times can do it better. Of course, I know the saying if you want stuff done than do it yourself but there is a time a place. These fundmentals lessons learned at the earliest stages of life are the foundation of how relationships are bulit and maintained. If you ask me I will tell you, "everything you learned in kindergarten is essential for marriage and relationships."
You see the fact of the matter is until you truly realize and accept the fact that you are not alone you will never be able to learn to let others help you. So they do it a different's done, right? So they think or act ( or even re-act) do you. This world is full of people, other than you, who have learned to work together instead of create confusion in an already confused world.
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