I'm finished!

I finally finished with my internship. I finished last Friday and it was kind of sad leaving. I mean I wanted to get home but I also enjoyed most of the people I had the opportunity to work with. This summer was crazy...the people...the places...the people...the scenery...did I mention the people? It was truly an experience...not good or bad. It was just that...an experience. An experience that taught me a number of things that I was always remember. I also learned some important life lessons.

Life Lesson #1:
The bare essentials will never let you down

Life Lesson #2:
Where there's a will there's a way

Life Lesson #3:
If attitude determines alitude and action speaks louder than words...then I am headed for the moon and I'm making moves and strides all the way there

Life Lesson #4:
Good things come to those who wait...patiently and prayfully

And so many more. What can I say about this summer? "All [good or bad] things must come to an end."
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