The Love of My Life

(I took this picture of him)
This is the love of my life. My whole world has revolved around him since the day that I met
him. He is the greatest thing that has happen to me. I have waited with bated breathe
for him to feel the same way I feel about him. Every morning he is the first thing on my mind
and the last thing when I go to bed. My dreams center around him. He is the
protype. Sometimes I ask myself, "Where would I be without him? or "How did I make it
without him in my life?" I owe all my inspiration to him. Whenever he is not near me I feel as
though I am not complete. Every story, song, or poem reminds me of him. I would for cross the
ocean for him. I would go and bring him the moon. I just want to thank him in advance!
*This is not a joke
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