"Awkward" times

So for the first time in my life I am discovering the unknown. I am truly ready and willing to through caution to the wind and put everything "comfortable" out on the line. Fearful of exactly what might happen I wasn't giving my all... but today I realized after what seemed like eternity is timing is everything and everything happens for a reason.

I thought once I got what I had prayed for things would just fall into place. And that plan quickly was proved false. It's the "awkward" moments in life that make you cherish the initial moments, that were truly well spent. You have to work at it "like a crack addict" (thanks Bow Wow) the harder you work the greater the rewards.

It dawned on me nothing beats a failure but a try.... Trite saying but it makes sense. If you try one way try it another way then another way (and another). I am truly starting to believe life is what you make of it. You are the greatest decider of your fate.

"Make wise choices and decisions" -Jynean Palmer Reid
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