Unfinished Blogs

So you have an idea expect you don't know how to express exactly what you want to say. Well these are a few blogs that I started and just never finished. I thought I should mash them together make them one big blog of unfinished thoughts. Feel free to finish them yourself.

What exactly is it? It’s your obsession. Do you have a passion for...fashion? Could it be fashion or cooking? It’s what makes you smile, it’s what you love. You don't have to be the best at your passion or know the most about it. It might even be something that just recently learned you love. It's important to you. Yous always willing to learn more about it. You don't care what else it keeps you from...you want it.

Right now I have a passion for life. I want to live it to the fullest. I never thought of myself as spontaneous but it seems now I want to do more and more. I want to make sure that I have not...

Self Renewal
Every year I pick a theme for that particular year. Well this year the theme is renewal. When I first thought of the word I wasn’t exactly sure why I picked it but now I think I know why. Self renewal is important… I feel like there is no time like the present to renew yourself. How? By looking on the inside. So many times we are quick to blame others for our shortcomings. I have learned that if I don’t define who I am for myself then others will do it for me. But if I have to...

Who’s to blame?
Okay let’s play the blame game. It is your fault because it can’t be my fault maybe it’s her fault or his fault. Why is it we find it so hard to admit our downfalls and shortcomings? Why is it so hard to face up to the fact that it just might be your fault?

Taking a stand…or leaving it to chance
What do you do when you have done all you can? How can you make a difference in a situation when you feel insignificant? There are times in life when you MUST take a stand. You take a stand or else you leave everything to chance. By saying nothing you have said everything. Ignoring something, thinking that it will go away does not get rid of the problems; problems need to be faced head on. So what is best way to take a stand?

Guess what my fortune cookie said today?
Investigate new possbilities with friends. Now is the time!
[Hint, hint (nudge, nudge)]
So friends let the new possibilities roll... ;-D
Where is Jailyn now...Dothan, AL.
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