Okay well I was going to do a tribute to my favorite group of all time but I need more time. So you have to settle for my babble.

Let's see saturday night we went to go see The Breakup with Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn (which I think is like the white version of Two can Play that Game). Basically it is the art of game-playing which men and women play daily with each other in and out of realtionships. I thought it was funny which was a good thing. The ending is unpredictable but very ironic.

Well today I was feeling kinda of sick so I didn't really want to get out bed but I forced myself up and out after midafternoon. Anyway we went back to pensacola beach to hang out. We went bungee trampoline jumping (guess I can cross that off "my list" of things to do). Then we did a little shopping. Played a little air hockey (I won't tell you who won). So it was actually a nice end to our time in Pensacola.

Next stop Panama City, FL. See you there.
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