A lesson learned the hard way...is a lesson learned

Since I have been out here in what I call my "wilderness experience" my mind has started to wonder. I have realized some things that I probably would have not seen if I have been well...comfortable.

You think that you are satisfied with all that you have until you find something else you want. The best things that happen in your life happen when you are not paying attention. The most important thing I can get anything out of the trials and tribulations of life are the lessons. While I was busy living...life has been going on...and I have gotten wiser. Crying doesn't make the problem go away but it sure makes you feel better and releases some tension inside. Silence is golden. And when silence is just not enough you can say always say it with music. If you love someone eventually they will find out (you determine how soon or how late they found out). If you close your eyes and let your mind wonder...you can dream up anything. Pretty soon you will have to follow your own advice. Trying to avoid the inevitable is more trouble then you probably have time for ("to thine own self be...honest"). Forgiveness is key. The Lord gives you ways out...take yours today. If strangers can see it...then there is not much more proof you need. There is always a reason that people are placed in you life...it's at the rarest times you find out why.

What lessons have you learned the hard way?
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