While watching Cake for the second time I realized that while no one wants to be alone we are all a bit fearful of committment. Of course some of us are not necessarily ready for marriage right now. That is fine but is our fear of the unknown what scares us the most? Perhaps. But can the one thing that our heart uses as a defense hinder us from what we truly want? Being too cautious is almost as dangerous as being to open. On my path to self discovery (which is more like finding the exact path the Lord wants me to be on) I have realized when I stand up to the things I fear the most that when the sense of accomplishment is the strongest. I never thought of myself as scared of marriage but we learn new things everyday. I am not scared of marriage or anything but while watching the movie I have realized there are some issues that I need to overcome. I am ready to love...but am I ready to be loved?

PS So I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish during the summer. Well one thing was to write a play so I have started. The play is called Hopelessly Devoted: then act like it. It's coming along pretty good so far.

PPS I'm in Pensacola, Flordia (I get to go to the beach tommorrow, hopefully)
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