The worst kind of love

I am just a little birdie sent to whisper in your ear
To tell you some things you might not want to hear
You’re losing a love that is meant just for you
Act quick or else what you once knew to be true
…will be through

In a world that is so consumed with the idea of love comes the next best thing…lust. Of course the good thing about lust is that eventually it will go away especially when all the excitement is gone. With lust comes excitement and without excitement there is no lust. Lust is unreal and untouchable; love is knowing the hardcore truth and still choosing to stay.

But the worst of love is unrequited love. Unrequited love…a love that is but can not be. You love…but that is it. Is your love in vain? Who’s to say? Unrequited love requires patience and much finesse especially if you want it to become more. This kind of love pays attention to detail when normally you could care less about it. This love is persistent; it hangs on the whims of possibilities.

You see you thing is very rarely do you find someone who will put up with your crap (and believe me, it’s crap). Someone who cares about what you do for a living or what you want to do for a living. It is rare to find someone who knows how to make you the perfect salad (olives (-/+), tomatoes (-/+), salad dressing (-/+)).

Fear of commitment holds some back but some use it as a crutch, making up excuses or playing games. The one thing that messes people is thinking that they will miss out on “the next best thing.” Waiting on the next best thing makes you miss out on the “the greatest thing.”

Don’t miss out, this could be your last chance. Because if you won’t... someone else will!

Smooches. ;-D
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