Time for Regret

In 1998 we moved from chicago to atlanta for my dad to take the position as treasurer at the South Atlantic Conference. Well yesterday evening the "conference officials" decided to give his position to someone else. At that moment when I heard that a wave of regret flushed over me. How could they do this to him? to us? to me? We left so much when we left Chicago, we left family (which included 2 fosters children) and friends. We sacrificed to go to atlanta. My mom had to sell her dental practice, which took her 5 years to sell. She traveled back and forth by plane and car for 5 years just because of this job. I was uprooted during the peak of my teenage years (I know I need it to sound dramatic!). For about a year I struggled with a lot of issues. Issues I thought could have been avoided if I had stayed in Chicago.


Where would I be now if my dad hadn't taken the position? I don't know. What I do know is this when God is leading there is no time for regret. Many of us (inlcuding me) want the God's destination for our lives but we don't want to follow His plans to get there. This is perhaps why we sometimes fall by the wayside and have to cry out in despair for His help. It's God's destination He knows the best way there and He knows the pitfalls before and has already set provisions for you to make it through. You got to trust Him ( I am talking to myself too). Now even if you do decide to venture off on your own God's got a backup plan can still lead you to your destination. Of course the course might change and the road travelled might be different but if He is leading everything will be fine. My God is a god of plans (and backup plans and backup plans and even more backup plans).

Anyway I am not sure now what daddy is going to do perhaps pastor a church (even though I think he should find a job in the world to use his MBA and make six figures but remember kids money isn't everything). We might have to move...again. I don't know. I just prayed that our steps are ordered.

And if besides if I hadn't moved I might not have ever met such wonderful people...Melanie, Michele, Krystle, Javario, Matt and the list goes on. I wouldn't have been as outgoing as I today (moving does that to you...it forces you to get out there; It's do or die). I learned so much and I grew so much during the move. I definitely wouldn't be the person I am today. So...I guess there isn't really a time for regret when you are working within God's plans. ;-D
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