Summer is here!

So today was my first day of training for my summer internship. I was a bit apprehensive at first about what exactly to expect but so far so good (of course this is only the first day). Anyway the hotel is great, the people are helpful, and my partner is nice. Summer is here and I'm finally ready.

Recent Confessions:

I was a bit apprehensive to leave Huntsville, I was strongly resisting change. But now I am learning to accept it.
I have realized I am opening up, I share more (more feelings and emotions). I may not be able to express to my FULL content but it's a start.
I am accepting life as it comes (and believe me it is coming).
I trying to be excited about the summer but...I am excited about the summer (attitude determines alitude).
The ideal is not always the real deal. (The ideal is not always the true reality. If I can stop living in my dream world long enough to see the reality of what is I might see what is right in front of me).

"God's ideal is my real(ity)" and "a word to the wise is sufficient"