Random Acts of Kindness

So we were in Jackson, MS for about a week. On thursday we met with a pastor (Pastor Yelorda, he just graudated from Andrews Seminary in December, Alumni of Oakwood College) to get the books for his church. This meant that I didn't have to drive all the way to Brokhaven the next day about an hour and a half drive. Okay well he also informed us that he would performing a wedding in Texas on sunday and that he could also drop off the books for his other church with us on saturday night on his way to Texas. Not only would he drop them off he was going to pick them up Monday. What a blessing! Okay so he comes by the hotel on Saturday night and drops the things off. This saved me almost 5 hours of driving (so you can see how grateful I was). Well he steps in the hotel to talk to us (about our plans for Memorial day) for about a minute and a half.

You'll never guess what happens next...

his car gets stolen.

Right right in front us (basically). Well the another pastor from Yazoo City (Pastor Johnson and hiis wife, Melissa: also Alumni of Oakwood College) come and get Pastor Yelorda. So they take him back to their house to stay with them. After that they let him use their car to go home and drive until he gets another one. What wonderful friends! The blessing is that God saw this before it was going to happen. He also saw what could have happened if the pastor had driven that night. He always has your best interest at hand. We may not always see the good but it's coming.

Well even after all this they (Pastor (Seth) Yelorda, Pastor (Juleun) Johnson, and his wife Melissa) all agree to meet us on Monday to do something for Memorial day with us. So we all (my partner, Laketia, and the other group Jen and Candace, and me of course) go out for Memorial day. This weekend might not have been all I wanted it to be but it was what it was for a reason.

Random Acts of Kindness you never know who they might affect.
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