Let it Flow...Let it Go

The semester is FINALLY over!!! I am so excited. Anyway I finished all my finals on Monday and I took today to relax by going to the movies. I saw Akeelah and The Bee and Phat Girlz (this movie is not for everyone). Anyway I enjoyed myself.

So this semester in a nutshell has been crazy and very unpreditable. I think I liked it. Many trying times but they all taught me something different and I appreciate them for that. Hoping for all A's (I don't know if I really deserve them in all my classes).

I believe the summer holds big things! Last year around this time I was a bit apprehensive about my summer and it brought so many things. That has gotten me excited about this summer. This is my (our) year (that includes the summer) so I'm (we should) definitely ready. I have learned to let the things I can control flow ;-D and the things I can not control go {-_-}. Let's Go!!!