What did I sign up for?

It's amazing that you never know exactly what your signing up for when you get a job. I mean you can always get the general description of what to expect but you never know until you start what the job exactly entails. You start and them , WHAM! they lay it on you. I guess I never knew what to expect when I became an RA. Well, I have certainly gotten my share of it. I have become a bodyguard, referee, counselor (this one I don't mind), personal secreatary and the list goes on. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I am trying to juggle school and this RA thing, it's just not cutting it. But thank God for the twins or else I would have pulled my hair out. What can I say, my cup is full (it's running over).

Anyway I won't be stressed because summer is almost here and then I'll have new headaches to work out. Just keep on keeping on.

We're almost there plus this is our year so beware good things are ahead. Keep smiling, it contagious! :-D

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