Public Announcement

So for the first time in my life I read my poems out loud in a public setting. My creative writing class had to do a poetry reading in Blake Center as part of our final. One of my poems I read in class because it was an assignment. The other one was just a random poem written by me for... Anyway hope you enjoy (if not oh...well).

The first poem was a free verse. "Let the chips fall where they may."

Alone with my thoughts
Back and forth they go,
Fighting for a bit of attention
And finally they stop
….On you
Your smile, your style
You’re just being…you.
Always thought you were
The one for me
Always thought we would be
Interrupted by another thought
Remember the time you…
Or do you remember…
Caught off guard again
By the thoughts of…me and you
Wait…here comes another one
Thoughts haunt me…in the silence
They torture me, repeatedly
As I close my eyes the thoughts
Become subdued…once again
It is silent…
And here I am alone with my thoughts.

The second poem was a cinquain.

Love lost:
looking like new,
dressed up but feeling blue.
Wishing for a love that once was

Anyway I just wanted to share this moment in time with everyone. Nite. Nite. :-D
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