Never Say Never

There are certain things in life that I am almost sure about. I will never be able to relive any years gone by or decide the sex of my child (I couldn't think of anything else for right now). These are things I am defintely sure about, of course when it comes to other things I am not as clear. There are things that I know are things that I am not likely to do but that doesn't mean I will never do them. Well to make a long blog short, recently I have realized my words have come back to haunt me. There are things I said I would never do that I am now doing. Why? Because I have changed and grown into a person that is a distant memory of my former self. I can constantly see myself improving. From junior year in high school to junior year in college. The change is definitely noticeable. I want others to see the change because it is for the better. I am slowly starting to eat the words (for lack of a better term) I once said. When you are allowing God to come in and work on you then you can never say never because it is not in God's vocabulary.

Well anyway I am tired and I will write lateer, peace. ;-)
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