Forgiveness and Forgetfulness

Why is it so hard for us to forgive? Why is it even harder for us to forget? I have had to learn the hard way about forgiveness and forgetfulness. I can sometimes forgive but it is hard to forget. Why? Because we don't want the same thing to happen twice or because we have truly yet to forgive. We say that we are fine with what has happened but we keep bringing it up or we base our dealings on that certain situation. When you truly forgive you will be able to really move one. Now granted you most likely will never forget but you will certainly be able to get over it and on with it. Life is too short to hold on to grudges or petty things that you can't even remember the next day. You basically harvest all these emotions inside and they are just there being bottled up. The person is usually not worried about anything. So in short your stressed and their not. Although I have yet to fully master this technique I am working on it.

Forgive/Forget! Whatever the case maybe free your soul and mind from the stress you harbor of worrying about something that only happened to teach you a lesson. Live, learn, and forgive.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SPUDNIK (aka Matthew)! Hope its filled with joy and cheer! I am such a Hallmark card. ;-)
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