Birthdays and Gifts

So I want to first thank everyone who made my birthday great!

Next I want to say thank you to my understanding friends. When you have friends who just get you it makes life a bit easier to a handle.

Prize for person (s) to vent to: Melanie Monette, Antonaya Kelly, Lianna Wimberley

Also the top prize for the night for a gift goes to: Jacquece Moss

Prize for best "future omen" (I am claiming it girl!): Krystle Alleyne

Person (s) who remembered when I thought they would forget: Lolita Langford, Princess Jones, Michael Lumbard, Desmond and Andre Lymon (my cousins)

SURPRISE phone call from foreign country: Raquel Everett

Person who made it most memorable (God spared me!): Matthew Nicholson

Surprise dinner guest: Brandon Howard

Time spent with friends: PRICELESS

Anyway I had fun tonight despite everything (and yes I did cry). At first I must admit it was going okay, then it got bad, then worst and then GREAT! I realized that everything is what you make it. I went to the mall, then to Fridays, and then to the Jazz Factory (and the park). Most importantly I looked cute, so I couldn't let that all go to waste.

So I'm 21, old enought to drink, enter any contest I want to, and get that little under 21 bar taken from off my license. What next? I don't know but I sure looking forward to doing it at 21. ;-D
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