Birthday Wishes

So people have been asking me this week what I want for my birthday. Well the truth is I don't know. I have been so blessed this year and most of things I want are either intangible (some "group" or "someone") or very expensive so I have to get them myself (laptop and camcorder). I would really like to spend time with some of my friends (I was not kidding when I said that the other day). Of course I like shoes too and I would love to go shoe shopping. A nice dinner with Daquriri's included (dessert FIRST!). And for some reason I don't know why I want a dozen roses (this is a first I hate flowers because they just die). Oh and if anyone out there could get in touch with Boyz II Men (I love them) I would like them for my birthday too. Anyway I just want a wonderful birthday and my true wish will come true. I just don't know I am turning 21 what do you ask for? I have all that I truly need (of course I can always think of things that I want). But beside that God has been good and He has seen fit for me to hit another birthday and that is a granted wish all in itself.

Birthdays are the keys to life. -Jailyn ;-D
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