Sweet Dreams

I was listening to Kelly Rowland today and there is a song on her album that I love. But not until today have I understood the words so clearly. It was almost like I was telling her what to say. Anyway it made me realize that it is time for me to get off my high horse and tell the truth. Boy...that was hard.

I had a dream that just warmed my heart. I would give a lot to make it come true but here is the thing about certain dreams. They are usually the deep longings in your heart (except for the weird ones, that come after you eat to late). In your sleep you have no control over the thoughts your mind produces. So basically these are almost just random thoughts that come together at one time in your head. Anyway my dream helped me realize that there is more to everything that meets the eye. So in my dream I was on a bench and a friend stopped by to drop off a gift for me. I looked inside the gift and it was ...well that is not important. I said all this to say...you are what you think. So...sweet dreams!

(Oh yeah you know what else makes my dreams great, I usually dream in COLOR) ;-)
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