I never thought I would be this grown. I mean sometimes I say things or do things that remind me that I am growing up. It is sometimes looking from the outside in. When you are young you think the transformation into adulthood is a fast and rapid transition. But then you grow up and realize it isn't. You make mistakes and learn lessons, then you grow. You are constantly growing. I have realized while I was off trying to perfect the "game" of life I was growing. I have began to accept the things I can't change and well, change the things that I can. I will never reach perfection and frankly I am not trying too. I do know for a fact that I am beginning to see the change and I like it. I am not always fully honest with myself but I am learning to be. I am slowly learning to live life without regrets. Life is hard enough by itself and being able to focus on the present. My growth is not complete but I do know that it is happening. As scary as it is I want it to continue. Take a moment and think about what you learned today alone. I am sure that you might surprise yourself. Take a moment and reflect on what major events have taken place in the past year or the will happen. You have taken some small steps and made some major strides. You live, learn, and then...

"Life happens while your busy making plans" -John Lennon :-)
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