Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3

-Rock City, the views were beautiful if you have a chance go visit a natural reserve or something like that
-Warehouse Row, an outlet center (I love to shop, I am gonna dedicate a blog to shopping one day). It wasn't that big but I bought 2 Coach purses and some shirts from Tommy Hilfiger. All in all a day not wasted.
-Movie (at home, it's been a long time since I did that)

Day 4
-Spa, a full body deep tissue message (Need I say more)
-brief trip to the mall (bought nothing!)
-Barnes and Noble (I could spend hours in there and lots of money too)

Three cheers for Spring Break so far!

Candace, Danielle, and Krystle are on their way here. Oh Jacquece is already here. Boy-O-Boy, what will we get in to?
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