To the one(s)? I love

To the one(s)? I love,

I love you just the way you are. I accept you with all your faults and I appreciate you for accepting me with mine. I cherish you because you make me smile or laugh at loud when everything else seems to not go my way. Your name alone sends chills up and down my spine. I love you because I KNOW your mine. With you I can be myself, I never feel forced to be or do something I don't want too. You make me feel comfortable (a thing not most people can do). You laugh at my jokes. Your smile is contagious. Your touch is invigorating. Your intelligence is stimulating. Even the times you make me so mad I could scream (and believe me I do) I still want to be around you. You read my like a book not judging me for my cover alone. You know so much yet there is so much more to uncover. I love you just because you're YOU (and that is the best you can be)!

Happy Valentine's Day
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