Relentless Pursuit

Have you ever noticed how the Lord never gives up on you? Or how when you do something wrong He never condemns you? He is constantly pursuing a person who just seems to keep on running away. This was such an amazing concept to me because I know how stubborn I can be sometimes. The theme of our spring week of prayer was Relentless Pursuit. It basically focused on how God runs after us even when we are running in the opposite direction. Even when I give up on myself He won't give up on me. And when He finally catches up with me, He won't condemn me for my shortcomings and faults. He wants what is best for me. Recently I know that He has been the one who has kept me going. When everything else in my life seems to let my down, He is right there. Like my one of my favorite quote says "If God seems far, who moved?" God has not and will not forget His promises. He made them for us and that is all the more reason to cherish them. My, my , my...What a God!

So today is my first official day of spring break. And...well let's just say it's no Cancun trip. The truth is I actually feel a bit relieved to be doing absolutely nothing for spring break. I have no set schedule and I can come and go as I please. Of course it did get a bit rocky today but I will not focus on the negative. I have decided this spring break will be a good spring break no matter where I am or who I am with. Postive attitude breeds positive results.

"Catch the vision" -Jailyn ;-)
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