The Power of Music

I love music! I especially music from the early 90s. Music can say whatever you are trying to say in any way you are trying to say it. Music bridges the gap between everything you want to say to the things you dare not mention. A lot of times what I feel comes out through the music I am listening too. Like today it was sunny and I was happy that Spring Break is almost here. I wanted some music that had a hype beat (that made me want to get up and dance) so I turned on Kelly Price (Priceless). I also listened to the radio a bit which was playing a good selection for today (lots of old school 90s, Tevin Campbell!). The other day I was thinking really hard about something and I got in the car and turned on the radio. It was like the song was just for me. It made the rest of my day a bit smoother.

Music can calm my spirit, arouse my emotions, and say what I need to hear. So remember whatever the case may be music is powerful!
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