I guess I am sort of at a lost for words but I really want to be honest with myself and others; sometimes that is easier said than done.

Well first things first when they said "to each his (her) own" it is very true. I talked to a friend and when she said some things that seemed a bit negative to me about my situation I was a bit taken aback. At first I wanted to be defensive but then later I started to understand. I wanted her to make me feel better about my situation and she couldn't do that. "To each his (her) own" this statement to me means we will all make our own mistakes and decisions. No one can tell us what lesson to learn or make us the learn the lesson sooner.

Next I am tired but I won't give up the fight. I don't know what it is but I just can't give up. I have never fought for something so hard in my life. It seems like no matter how I get hurt I still manage to get up and fight. The strange thing is that it seems like everytime I get tired and really want to throw in the towel something/someone justs keeps pushing me. I have always been a firm believer in letting go but I don't why this is so different. Oh well..."to each his (her) own".

Until next time...
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