Dr. Mom, Domestic Goddess, Renissance Woman

So it's 4:39 in the morning. I was suppose to leave to go to Atlanta today but that is not happening. I want to relax a bit then I will leave. I was suppose to do my taxes with a friend and then he said he was tired, wanted to eat and go to sleep. I never want to keep people from getting there rest so I just decided to do it later.

Well I decided maybe I should go to bed too. Well I hit the bed at about 9:00 and woke up at 11:28 to do room check. Guess what, there was no room check, the girls were suppose to sign in. So I decided to go back to sleep, good right? Well my friend wanted to use my flat iron so she came in my room to use it at 1:15 and that kept me up a bit. After she finished my girls bum-rushed my room and started bothering me. They finally left me alone after about 15 minutes, by then it was 2:45. What seemed like minutes later but was really about an hour later I heard banging on my door. One of my girls was throwing up and felt really bad. Well I ended up staying up with her until about 4:15. (I am not really sleepy now but I know that it will eventually catch up with me.)

This got me to thinking...being a mom is such a huge responsiblity. Well I already knew that but this just bought it home. I mean they work, take care of children, they cook and clean...well at least my mother did (does). And she passed on some wonderful traits to me. I was glad that I could be of assistance tonight. And tonight I was geniunely concerned and really wanted her to get better; I didn't want to leave until she felt better. This is only a portion of how mothers feel when their children get sick.

Wow...Dr. Mom, Domestic Goddess, Reniassance Woman...Mom! Tell her you love and appreciate her today.
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