Bedtime Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for today, the sunshine and the cold weather. Thank you watching over me and keeping me. Thank you for my family and my friends. Lord please be with my family(Grandma, grandpa, nita, monica, carissa, aaron, aaron II, austin, shanell, gilford, melanie, sandria, sherri, jimmy, uncle james, kayla, aunt peggy, tony, silvia, buddy, alana, chameka (baby), keith, caleb, latoya, lorenzo, lauren, mariah, shaun, crush, pam, scil, desi, oliver, starr, mom, dad, cicily, tyler, phillip, cameron, aunt valerie, aunt barbara, desmond, andre, aunt renee, austin, jaren, candace, aunt tereasa, clay, lynae, aunt darlene, aunt clarnell, uncle herbon, herbon, elise, mama everett, grandma guiles) and friends (danielle, krystle, kell, mellena, michele, melanie, naya, kristyn, matt, candace, morgan, deanna, abdulla, jacquece, vancia, jen, nicki, tiffany, keisha, tisha, kathryn, chris, jason, micheal, julius, chris r., drake, lauren, laurie, tasha, alina, ericka, anthea) in a special way. Help them in their relationship with you and others. Be with those who are sick and those who lost loved ones. Give them a sense of peace and just be with them in a special way. Continue to be with all those who are dealing with many trials and tribulations. Be with me. Help me to be diligent and help me to do what is pleasing to you. Help me to be more like you. Help me to make the right decisions. Help my steadfastness and help me to be tenacious. And the things I fail to ask, fail not to grant them. And as always thank you for just taking the time to listen to me. I love you with all my heart. Amen
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