Talent...What is yours?

A while ago I had a problem I couldn't figure out what my talents were. I mean I knew I had some but I just couldn't express exactly what they were. Well after much thought (and I guess a bit of soul searching) I am started to realize what they really were. They include writing, advicing and one of my favorites, cooking. So you can guess that tonight when I got the opportunity to cater a party for my mom I was delighted. I love to cook with a passion and I am so blessed to have the ability to do it.

Tonight's Menu:
Spinach and Artichoke dip with tortilla chips
Broccoli Quiche
Chicken Salad with assorted crackers
Fresh fruit salad
Mini cheesecakes
Little individual cakes with different fillings and toppings
Stuffed mushrooms
Apple cider
Sparkling Punch

Someday I may open a restaurant with my friend Mellena (who is going to culinary school, I am so proud). But until then... what is your talent? Think. Learn. Lead. ;-)
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