Fighter for Love...(and everything else)

It has come to my attention that I am not a fighter when it comes to love (or even “like”) it seems like it is one of those impossible task that will never happen (even though I have the Ultimate Fighter on my team). It’s like I take no as the answer and go on my way but I have changed my mind when it comes to this philosophy. Just think if everyone in the world took on this philosophy when it came to love (or “like”), to just give up when they heard no. Oh what a world that would be. I think that half the time it is our own fear that keeps us from being a fighter for love (and "like"). Fear of what you might ask? Well for me (and almost everyone else), rejection. Fear that the person just might not feel the same way and we might have put ourselves out there just to get hurt or so it seems. So what’s a girl (and guy) to do? Be a fighter! Go get what you want and keep fighting until you get it. Those who take a backseat to love (or potential "love"), take a backseat to life.
So don’t be afraid to “Take it to the Head” when it comes to love (or well you know) because it is okay to want a “Strong Man (or woman)”. “And I am telling you” take on the persistent attitude, they’ll appreciate it. And if that is too much for them to handle then they’ll soon learn their lesson: “How does it feel”. I say all this to say if you are “Interested” then don’t be afraid. Just remember “Love will be Waiting at Home”.

Those who take a backseat to love (or potential "love"), take a backseat to life; you will always be watching others drive. Drivers wanted. :-D
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