Taking my Own Advice

It's very funny how I can help others and tell them what they need to do but when it comes to taking my own advice... That's a different story. It seems really easy to give advice but unfortunately just hard to take it. I guess sometimes to avoid the problems I'm having, stepping outside of my issues to help someone else can sometimes help me better understand exactly what I need to do. It's like entering the tunnel and not knowing how far you have to go but being able to see the light.

The more I realize this the more it makes me see my wall breaking down, I am becoming more and more open. I am like an open book and people are starting to read me (I can't decide whether that is good or bad). It's almost like I am making my own self vulnerable. I have always felt like I could make decisions without getting emotions involved. I have always thought that they best way to get rid of a bad habit is just to quit cold turkey. I have even thought that by avoiding things or certain issues they would go away. Yeah right, if only things were that easy.

It seems to me the Lord speaks the loudest to me in my silence. And when He can't get me to sit down and shut up He speaks to me when I try to help others (through me own words, what a way to get my attention).

I have realized that through this transformation I am sometimes able to see things better. My outlook on several things have changed. I feel like I have a new leash on life (maybe it's got a new leash on me). Whatever the case I have realized the things that seem to be the hardest that don't come easily are the things that I tend to appreciate more.
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