So you call yourself my friend

I have always thought that I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends that care so much about me. Everyone on this page has made realize that good friends are a hard thing to come by. I love all you guys and wish you the best.

Krystle- Gurl, what can I say you been with me all the way, even today (hay hay). I can't believe that were juniors in college (yes you are a junior). We have gone through a lot together and we're still friends (what a treat!). Thank you for always encouraging me. I believe that you will be successful in everything that you do, you have already proved that you can do that just continue and that will become standard.

Naya- We have been through it all. I would have never had so much fun if you wouldn't had been there by my side girl. I can truly this friendship is one I defintely treasure. We are the perfect pair. I know that you will always have my back (and vice versa). My childhood wouldn't have been the same without you. Never forget the Lord is on your side and so am I.

Kristyn- Where are you girl? That really doesn't matter just wanted to let you know I love you and appreciate everything you have done for me. Naya, you and I are three of kind. I miss you girl but I know that whatever you are doing you are doing wonderful.

Melanie- Thank you for always making me laugh (I guess you can say vice versa). Your friendship has truly been a blessing. You are one of a kind. Your "wisdom" truly astounds me and I am eternally greatful for it. Thank you for always being willing to lend a ear (even when you didn't want to :-o). Just keep doing what you doing.

Michele- My lil' sister, thanks for keeping the laughs coming. Good times, good times. You are a lovely young lady and know the deal. Don't change unless it is extremely necessary.

Danielle- What can I say???? Oh okay I thought of something...Thank you. I know it seems as if everytime you turn aroound I am getting on you for something but it's all in love. Thank you are sharing my pain, joy, sorrow, hope and the list goes on. I believe in you and I push you because I know that you are destined to finish the race. You are a smart and beautiful young lady. Thank you for just being you because it is the best thing you can be. Always remember the Lord will "NEVER" leave you nor forsake you.

Candace- Girl, you speak the truth (no matter how hard it might be) but that is just what I need sometimes (a wake up call). I am truly amazed by you and have enjoyed getting to know you from step aerobics to accounting I and II. You are a bright and intelligent young lady that is going to soar no matter what. God Bless

Raquel- Thank you so much for the video (I loved it!!! Muy Bien Gracias). Thank you for being such a wonderful roommate and friend. I have truly enjoy your wit and advice(when it is good, just kidding) and I think that the Lord has great things in store. You are a wonderful young lady that is defintely going places. God is looking out for you. By the way I am so jealous of you right now.

Mellena- Thank you Mellena for trusting me enough to want my advice. You are so full of life and such energy I love it. I want to know that you are making me so pround (and everyone else). Keep pursuing your dreams, you are a fighter girl and that will get you far. Thank you for showing me it is okay to step out on a limb.

Deanna (Abdulla)- You are so great. If I could say only thing about you it would be don't lose you sweet spirit. A genuine person is so hard to come by nowadays but you have proven time and time again that there is always an exception to the rules. You have always amazed me with your ability to trust. I am so glad that you have that ability it is so hard for a lot of people but you have it almost done to a science. I will defintely keep your new found revelation in my prayers. The Lord and bless and keep you.

Jacquece- Thank you for your loyalty(Cunningham wouldn't be the same without you). You are a wonderful young lady whose smile has (I am sure) brighten many days for others. I love that you still believe in things that others have given up hope on. ;-) Keep that spirit that makes you so unique. And remember throwing caution to the wind can sometimes make all the difference.

Lianna- Hey girlie, thank you so much for you friendship and loyalty. Thank you for listening to my advice (Remember I am your resident counselor advisor). You are doing the most and that is really important. You reaching for the stars and you will go far. I appreciate you caring about me and my feelings. You make me feel important and smart when I talk to you. I hope that you make it to your goal, let the Lord be your guide.

Anthea- Suitemate, the one and only. Even after we lived together we are still friends that is amazing. You are one of a kind. Your friendship is a treasure. You are so crazy. I am so happy to see that you are maturing and becoming a better person (I know you can do it). You have made me realize we are all in the same boat together. Just remember to stay afloat you can't panic.

Herminque- Thank you for your cheerful demeanor it brightens my day. I am very thankful for every thing that you have given me. You are a very determined young lady who has set a path and is destined to follow it. If you remember to keep God first that and other things are very possible.

Matthew- You have esteemed privilege to be the only guy to get a shout-out on my friend page. You have taught me so much about myself and for that I am truly thankful (a lot of times you do it by playing me but that is okay :-). You are an intelligent and handsome young man, you are going to take the world by storm (I have faith in you). The Lord is watching out for you and He has your best interest at heart.

The Texas girls- It has finally come a year when we are not stationed around or even next to each other. What has the world come to? Thank you for your all friendships. Much love to you guys.

Nicki- Hey girl, You know I wouldn't forget about you. I am very glad that you consider me your friend. I am so sad that we are so far away from each other now. But aside from that we have class so see you there! Keep that cheerful and happy demeanor it will get you far and it confuses people. God Bless!
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