Searching for More

Have you ever met or are you someone who is always looking for more? Nothing ever seems to be good enough. Always looking for the next best thing. And where has this gotten you? Most times not very far. Many times people search for things that are right under their noses. You(and I) don't take the time to see what is right in front of you. Busy looking so far in the future that you miss what is here in the present. I have learned you have to live for the present or else life will pass you by. A famous quote by John Lennon "Life happens while your busy making plans." This passage is so true in many ways. Life is not an easy thing to plan but yet we put so much time and effort planning it. Why? Because that is human nature, plan or get screwed. Well, then how can you truly grab life by the horns? Holding on to the past so tight that you can't grasp the future is another way of searching for more. Your past will affect your future but it's up to you to determine how and how much. You can only beat a dead mule for so long (it's dead get the hint!). You are your greatest enemy sometimes. You can sometimes hinder yourself from getting the things that you truly want and deserve. By thinking that you can do it all on your own is a big mistake (that's what He is there for). Live, screw up, learn, and then do it all again. ;-) Knowledge is Power.
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