Calling it Quits

Does persistance pay off? And if not when do you call it quits? Can you be persistant while at the same time maintain your dignity? I am a firm believer that persistance does pay off and if not it is at least worth a try. If a person is truly worth your time, they will appreicate the effort. Does this mean we can't take no for an answer...not hardly.

Songs like "I'm gonna make you love me" or "Saving all my love for you" make us all believe sometimes that persistance does pay off. I believe that 95% of the time persistance pays off because it makes people feel like they are loved and appreciated. It makes you feel special and important. Not taking no for an answer can show your steadfastness about the siutation. I guess in a way it shows your true dedication to the person.

So, where do you draw the line? If you are consistantly trying show someone how much you care and they don't appreciate your efforts then what should you do? This when you have to make the decision of whether or not the person is worth fighting for. Another good question to ask in this situation would be, what if you are the one who has been wronged? Would you appreciate someone's persistance for you?

I guess this topic is for the birds, like they say "different strokes for different folks." It's your life and you are ultimately affected be every decision that you make. But remember "you never miss you water until you well runs dry" (because you have nothing to drink and no where to wash you clothes). Nite. ;-O
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