This is for you, You know who you are

To (Well you know) ,

What have you done to me?
You made me put pride aside.
I have realized that I must take the first step and make the first stride.
Opening up to you was the first step, surrendering to you came next.
Open... laying it out on the table, making myself readily available.
Open... to you and everything you were ready to give, you taught me a new way to live.
My emotions seem to run wild around you.
You make even old things brand new.
You help me see that you gain more open then you do close,
you made me realize with you anything goes.
With you I have so much to gain,
compared to you all other things seem vain.
I hid no longer behind my feelings.
Scared of exactly what the future holds.
I understand that for you I must break all molds.
Fear of rejection no longer hinders me.
I know exactly what is important to me.
Ready to explore and sieze the day,
ready to put myself out there and say all that I have to say.
Words will never fully express the way I feel inside my chest
but I will try to do my best.
Please don't give up on me, you see what others fail to see.
You know what others will never know.
You'll always and forever be the greatest gift given to me.

Love Always,