"On the Real" My Favorite Pastimes

I love to read, it is my favorite pastime. Reading gives me the chance to take a break from reality. While reading I am in another world and I feel apart of that world. Of course will my hectic school schedule I don't always get the time to read like I want. However I have found a new pastime, writing. It is almost as good as reading (it is probably better). It gives you the chance to have control over a situation. It's like your own little world, you are the ultimate decider of what happens. Writing gives some (like me) the opportunity to express what I would not necessary say out loud. I just completed another short story. I wrote my first short story in 8th or 9th grade. I have also written a number of poems and essays. I am currently working on another short story and an assortment of other literary works. There is one particular one I am very proud of it has given me the chance to truly express myself. As I go back and read some of the things I write I am often encouraged. As a matter-of-fact I read something in one of my books to two of my friends and it shocked me at how they recieved it. Anyway back to my schoolwork until next time.
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