"Not Your Average Girl from the Video..."

"Not Your Average Girl from the Video..." this is part of the chorus to India.arie's song "Video." This and other empowering songs encourage women to embrace who they are and basically screw everyone who doesn't feel the same way. Of course it should not take a song to empower you to do this but every little thing helps. It is kind of ironic I would hear this song on the radio after dicussing some superifical issues with a friend. She was feeling a bit uneasy about approaching a guy because of the way she looks or acts (or doesn't look or act). This made me realize that maybe it's me but it seems as if sometimes women put out more and get less. Why is this? I mean it isn't enought that a girl is intelliegent, witty, has a wonderful personality, and can engage in delightful conversations with you. On top of all that she has to look like a supermodel (or something close to it). We [women] are consistently comparing ourselves to other women for a chance with a guy who wouldn't change if we paid him to. Why? Becuase we want to see what makes her "better than me" and we want him to "desire us." I mean I can't blame it all on men but sometimes some of them can play the devil's advocate. Women tend to be more accepting to men when it comes to a lot of things so why are men not equally as accepting? I don't know the answer but I do know we are all beautiful in our own way and if he can't accept that then he needs to "hit the road."

Well I gotta go (just had to vent for a minute). Nite, nite don't let the bed bugs bite. ;-)
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