Why Me?

To many times I have asked myself why me. And maybe at the time it seemed justified but lately I have realized maybe I should be asking why not me. Or am I so ahead of the game I don't need the lessons that trails and tribulations bring? I mean am I to good to endure all the things others go through. It seems the more I endure the better I am when it comes to helping others in similar situations. So why not me? Some of the very the things that I thought I would never make it through have made me glad it was me. I am a stronger and better person because of it. I know it doesn't seem like anything good will come out of certain situations but you just have to search for the lesson. If it seems hard to find it at first don't worry soon it will appear and you'll be glad you made it through.

Blessings for the Week (Glad it was Me):
*found my cell phone :) :)
*bridled my tongue :) :) :)
*got my SLUSHIE! :) :) :) :)
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