The Value of Friendship

How much does friendship cost? If you could put a value on friendship what would it be? To me friendship is way beyond bargaining. Friendships should be like wine, they should get better with time. Friends are the people who see you at your worst and still choose to be to hang around you. When you hurt they want to ease your pain, they just call to say hi, and you can call them up for no reason and stay on the phone for hours.
Of course the same way you work at everything else you should work on your friendships. You should always be seeking to improve yourself and the friendship in anyway. There are friendships I know I couldn’t live without (well, I probably could but I wouldn’t want to). Why? Because they have had so much influence in my life; they in a way have made me who I am.
But what happens when a friendship dissipates? Should you try to rekindle the friendship you once knew? Or just let bygones be bygones? In a situation like this you should think about how important that person is to you. I know from personal experience it took to long to start some of my friendships to just let them go to waste. I had to learn to be vulnerable and I learned it the hard way. As humans we never want to be the first to admit to being wrong. But we have to look at ourselves first and assess the situation from there. You never solve anything by blaming each other. Just remember to be the friend you would want.
"Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes." Can we all just be friends. ;-)
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