Taking Steps, Making Strides

In my World Literature class we always start off class with a devotion. Well devotion today was about taking steps in life. The devotion stated that a small step for one person might be a bigger step for someone else. So this got me to thinking about the steps, and strides, I am making in my life.
I took a step out on faith late last school year and rekindled some old friendships. To someone this might have not been that deep but to me it was. I place a high value on friendships. And I hate to be betrayed to let down by my "friends." I don't just call anyone my friend. So the fact that we "had been" friends and some how had fallen off; now were friends again, that is a big step to me (and vice versa :D).
Then at the beginning of the summer I started an internship. My first "real" job, which consumed most my time this summer. Once again a big step for me maybe not for someone else but you get the idea. I suddenly was required to pay for everything I wanted and needed. This was a very unique experience that I am happy I had the privilege to engage in.
Let me not even start about the steps I have been taking since the beginning of the school year because I would we could be here for a while. Let's just say with all the strides I have been making since August alone I could be half way around the world by now. So whether your "taking steps or making strides" just make sure your moving. Peace and love. ;-)