One Wedding and a funeral

In less than a week I attended a wedding and a funeral. The thing that I realized at both was people's abilities to bring out the best in both situations. Of course a wedding is a seeminly joyous occasion and it is not as hard to bring out the best in that situation. At a funeral it might be a bit harder. But I have noticed that people have the abiltity to bring out the best of a person's life at his/her funeral. As I sat at this funeral on Friday and listened to all the wonderful things people said about this person I began to think, what will people say at my funeral? Better yet what are they saying now, even while I am alive? What influence have I had on people? Have I evolved over the course of my life? Have I changed for the better? Am I trying to get better by God's grace? I sure do hope so. And I hope people see it. Today someone told me that I looked happier and more content. That made me feel like all my learning this summer and earlier this school year was not in vain. And I hope to continue to grow and become the person the Lord will have me to be. ;-)