Life Lesson #156322

Marriage or the thought of it used to never bother me, until I realized how quickly the years are passing by. I guess I have always thought of it in the back of my mind. But never has it been this close. I attended a wedding yesterday and the guy who got married is 2 years older than me. Two years when you think about it that is not a very long time.
Of course, I don't want to rush into anything just because I feel like I am trying to beat the clock. I stopped trying to figure out a while ago why the Lord hasn't blessed me with the "man of my dreams" and decided to just be patient. But ever so often my patience wears off. Maybe he is around me, the thought that scares me the most is that he could be right under my nose and I am just overlooking him (vice versa).
I guess it goes a little like this: "At 16 it was easy to decide who I would marry. At 17 it was easy to decide who I definitely wouldn’t marry. At 18 was easy to decide that I just wouldn’t get married. At 19 was easy to decide to reverse my former decision. At 20 I have decided that I am not at liberty to make any kind of marriage decisions."
Patience is a virtue and I am a virtuous woman. So while the Lord works on me and the "man of my dreams." I just continue to wait. Wait for what? Wait for the man who gives me butterflies when his name just shows up on my caller id. The man whose smile seems like it's just for me. The man whom I accept with his flaws and still want to be with him (vice versa). The man whose touch can melt away all my anger or hurt (even if he was the one who imposed it on me in the first place). The man who realizes what he has found is a rare gift from God and will take advantage of it the moment he gets a chance (vice versa). That is the man I am looking for (others need not apply).
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