Broken Scale

How do you weigh out the balance of life on a broken scale?

I was once told a story about a lady who had no food for her or her family to eat and only $20. She was a Christian and decided to step out on faith and go to the grocery store to see if she could all the food she needed for just $20. She gathered all she needed and prceded to the line. When she reached the front she started to put all her food items on the scale. The scale started to increase, strangely enough with all the lady's food items the scale never passed $20. She quickly paid and left thanking the Lord for the blessing He had given her. The clerk at the grocery store later found out that the scale was broken.

Had this lady not stepped out on faith she would have never recieved her blessing. The next time you decide to start weighing out life make sure that your scale is not broken. ;-)