Rising to the Occasion

Should I have to lower my standards to because I can find anyone on my level? There are so many people who do this just because they have this fear of being alone. Or they think there standards are to high. Whose to say my standards are to high? Does this mean settling because I have to and not because I want to? What's the point? Who is really losing? I am.

I have reached a new plateau in my life, where I just can't be bother with those who don't have my best interest at hand (or for that matter their best interest at hand). I don't mean to sound "uppity" but I mean who wants to settle for something they might not even like enough to keep? I know exactly what I'm worth and others should too (and they should respect me enough to try to keep within those standards).

I have taken the time to be all that I can be as person, why can't I ask for the same out of someone else? If I'm going to have to spend my time and energy with that person, I should be able to at least get what I want. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that I follow my list to a T. What I am saying is I realize what I can get and I go after it. And if I had a ten once I can have a ten again. I don't settle for an eight just because I think that's all I can get. Or that is all that is available right now.

Remember you set the standard(s) to be reached, never settle because you are only cheating yourself. ;-3