F.A.T. Chance

For those you who are movie buffs and big Mo'Nique fans I am sure you have seen her new reality show. This show was meant to represent the Fabulous And Thick (F.A.T.) ladies of the nation. This show made me realize that there are really people who struggle with their weight in every aspect of their life. They can allow their weight to hinder them from doing things that only "skinny people" can do ( a lot of the women on the show dispelled that issue very quickly).

In the show Mo'Nique stated that the average American women is a size 14 but the average supermodel is usually about a size 4 or less. Why? Stores like Express and The Limited only carry sizes 12 and smaller. Why? I would like to blame all the insecurities of these plus size women on the media and what they portray on television/movies but that would not be right. You see that may be a large part of it but it goes deeper than that. It is a vicious ongoing cycle that has spiraled out of control.

In America's Next Top Model, a model by the name of Toccara (now on Celebrity Fit Club 2) was the first plus size model one the show. She gave the other smaller framed women a run for their money. She allowed herself to break beyond the stereotypical barrier and venture out into the open. She might have not become America's Next Top Model but she made one giant step for the "real women" all over the world.

Until women like Mo'Nique and Toccara came along these women were lost but now they see they can have a voice and shake what there mama gave them (even if it is a bit extra). I mean why not, they are not invisible so they might as well make it work for the best.
"If you can't love yourself it is going to be hard for someone else to." -Jailyn :-D
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