My Philosophy of Life

This is a paper I wrote in 12th grade as an assignment for one of my classes. It was almost like a final. Here is goes:
My philosophy of Life
First I must ask myself, what is a philosophy? When I looked it up there seems to be a lot of answers to this question but one stuck out. It said a basic theory concerning a subject. Knowing the definition of philosophy there is not way I can just tell you in one sentence exactly what it is, so here it goes. The most important above all is to love God, your family, and close friends they are the only thing in life that is almost guaranteed to stay the same (there are some exceptions). If you love you neighbor, you will go far. Tell someone everyday that you appreciated what he or she did. Make someone smile everyday even if it is not you. Do something good for yourself everyday. Live, love, and then share the wisdom you learned in both. Learn something new everyday, even if it is about yourself. Cherish those around you. This world is a big bag of skittles so get to tasting it. Never let anyone make you fell as though you don't belong. Always be on alert of those with a negative attitude. Don't let your feelings get the best you. Even though love is blind you don't have to be. Cherish every person that ever enters your life. Pray everyday for those who are less fortunate. Get a vivid understanding of love, lust, and infatuation. Just because this is a sinful world doesn't mean you have to sin. Only you know the true meaning of your life, it is you responsibility to show everyone else. Beware of back stabbers, everyone is not your friend. Be willing to share leadership, you don't have always have to be the chief. Take sometime and just learn that will lift your spirit it will make you feel ten times better. Sometimes at night take some time to drive slow and look at the lights it will make you feel like a child again. Some people are worried about what bad is coming next, instead worry about what good is coming next, it makes life easier to bear. -Jailyn Stone, May 2003