How deep are relationships in relation to marriage?

This is a question that I was thinking about the other day. What I meant by this is how deep are dating relationships in relation to marriage? Do you have to be dating to know that the person you are with is the right one for you. Can you just go from friends to marriage or do you have be in a committed relationship first. Personally I feel like if you know then you know go for it. You only get to fall in love the first time once, so make it count. This does not mean that every friend is necessarily up for grabs. It just means if you feel the time is right don't be afraid to dive in and make that relationship count for all it's worth. Don't go off wasting time looking when the one you belong with is right under you nose. Just think of it this way, you can skip the who-ha of dating ups and downs and just get right to the good stuff.

Personal Note: For those of you who watch 'Girlfriends' on UPN, Monday nights. I stated a while ago that I love that show. Well a lot of my friends say I remind them of Joan (I don't know why, so always runs away her men). Well it is probably because I am so picky to them but whatever. Well one thing I want that Joan has is a William. A male confident that I can confide in. Well the other day I found one. Just wanted to share that. So long. :-P
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