Half empty or half full?

I just received a long but rather humorous e-mail from my roommate. This e-mail made me laugh so hard and think equally as hard. She included in her "lengthy" e-mail a variety of things that one might think about day-to-day or just occasionally. She went from college memories to relationships to friendships to spirituality to well you get it. It just got me thinking about my college experience being half way over. Of course I am looking at the glass as half full; so I will be making the most of my next two years (or so, hopefully not but we'll see). It made me think about must I am going to miss my friends when I leave (like I do during the summer). But how much fun it will be to meet up ever so often on a beach somewhere just to get away (this means we all need great jobs). This got me to thinking I will be facing the workforce. But I will be able to buy whatever I need and some things that I want (my condo on Lake Michigan nicely furnished and a nice Camry). It made me realize relationships will bring with them a new challenge. In college you don't necessarily have to like everyone in your dorm or class but at work you can't always avoid people like you used to. You have to be a mature adult and put other feelings aside (but don't be afraid to be honest). Also romantic relationships will be different. I mean if you are blessed to find the one and get married, you will have to adjust to each other's living style (and I thought having a roommate was hard, you have to share a bed with this "roommate"). And for those of you who willingly or unwillingly (do to circumstances beyond your control) single and still chose to search; beware of the people out there. I chose to look at these things from the positive side because there is already enough to discourage me, why add on more? But the most important thing is living for each day, so that is why I going to get the bed to get ready for work tomorrow. :-*