Preparing for things ahead

The Lord has this strange way of preparing you for things ahead. When I was 16 I was involved in a situation that left me with negative views about most guy and girl "friendships."(Hence part of the reason I asked earlier can men and women just be friends). The situation got a little out of hand and I had to step in and finally speak my mind. Unfortunately that didn't go over very well it was like my opinion or perhaps feelings didn't matter. The funny thing is that you never know when you will have to deal with the same situation or the same people again. When the situation happened the first time I was devastated at the outcome and hurt by the actions and words of those involved.
Fortunately four years later and a lot more mature the situation is a lot easier to deal with. I mean I wasn't totally cool about the situation at first. As a matter of fact I felt as though I had been warped back in time and was 16 again. It got easier as I thought about how it happened four years ago and that seemed to ease my mind. Of course this time I wanted to be a little more descriptive when I told the person my feelings but then I thought why even bother. If the person hasn't changed in four years but I have why go back there. Why revisit a memory that I has tried so hard to delete out of my mind. I guess there are just times in your life that you have to just let stuff roll off your shoulder. -Jailyn :)
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