Old Memories

Today is corporate wide volunteer day for Target (that is where I am doing my internship). So our Target decided to volunteer to do a cookout at the Senior Community Center. It was very fun and rewarding. We barbecued hot dogs and hamburger, they loved it. After the cookout the seniors were taken inside to watch "Elvis" perform. The majority of the attendees were women and they had a ball. We played bingo, they LOVE bingo, and they didn't even want to stop and eat. But once they did they enjoyed that too (boy could they eat). While cleaning up this little old lady came up to me and she really appreciated it. She started to explain how most of them were widows and they just enjoy coming and spending time with each other and us. That comment by itself made the whole day worth doing. Just to know that the little things you do are appreciated. -Jailyn
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